A space considering your wellbeing and honouring its connection to your work

Werklab is committed to creating spaces and resources to help the local business community do their most meaningful work. Where you work can also be where you relax, where you recharge, and where you refuel. Werklab is here to offer you the space to do this.

The Werklab Ethos

We exist to support the individual in the pursuit of this path

A focus on holistic
and integrative wellness

We stand behind our belief that when you slow down and do the work within, the right work you're meant to be doing is put out, and is inevitably the work that the world needs from you.

Werklab is home to a community of those who are choosing to do life differently, by doing life on their terms. It’s a collective consisting of freelancers, entrepreneurs and creatives.

Much more than a co-working space, Werklab is a hub for personal and professional development. With a focus on holistic and integrative wellness, Werklab provides members with a host of services and resources to ensure they are living their best lives all day, every day.

Media Recognition

"The shared workspace focuses on offering freelance and self-employed people a place to get work done, sure, but to also keep burnout at bay."

The Story

With over a half decade of Human Resources management and organizational coaching experience, Christina Disler is the definition of a connector and an advocate for people living in their potential. This love of people, and a value for entrepreneurship is what drove Christina to open Werklab in 2016. 


Some notable highs include being selected as a 2018 30 Under 30 entrepreneur by BC Business and becoming an ambassador for Cadillac Canada, lululemon and the wellness ambassador for AllBright. In the fall of 2019, Christina was awarded the Canadian Federal government's Women's Entrepreneurship Fund.


Werklab was created to shift the narrative our society holds around productivity and "hustle culture". We have romanticized over caffeination and mindless output and lost touch with the state in which we best create from. Christina is passionate about providing space for othersto grow mentally, physically and professionally. She whole heartedly believes that when we go inward, and do the work within, we end up doing the right work that we're meant to be doing, and creating the work that the world needs us to be doing.

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