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Managing Work Stress During a Pandemic? Yes, It's Possible. Here's How.

Work stress is very real and very common. Add in a global pandemic and it can seem debilitating at times. Although society seems to accept chronic stress as the norm, you don’t have to. The workplace stress will start reaching other areas of your life, despite your best efforts of keeping it at your work desk. So how exactly can you regain some sanity during this time? Here are a few ideas that can help.

Start with food

It’s common knowledge that what we eat will affect how we perform at work and how we show up in the world in general. Basically, think of the food you eat as the fuel your body uses to tackle whatever challenges you face at work. The higher the quality of your nutrition, the better your defenses will be. When dealing with a heightened level of stress, look at what you’re eating and see what needs adjusting. It’s usually pretty obvious.

Move your body

This one also isn’t news. Physical activity actually releases those feel good chemicals in your body. Any kind of activity that gets your heart pumping for a few minutes can help. At Werklab, we have regular daily yoga and pilates classes sprinkled throughout the work week to help break up your day and get your body and endorphins flowing.

Learn to say No

Overbooking and overworking yourself leads to stress. We all have experienced the impacts of “too much,” usually from feeling obligated to say yes to everything. One of the greatest stress relievers is learning to say no. It can be hard to do, but it’s an important skill to learn. Be polite, but firm. It all comes down to you knowing your priorities and asserting your boundaries.

De stress through meditation

Many of us believe that stress happens to us, but it’s actually just our response to external factors. A consistent meditation practice- even if it’s only for 10 minutes, can help control thoughts that can trigger stress. If the word meditation scares you- just think of it as a time for structured breathing exercises. At Werklab, we know how valuable meditation can be to reclaiming control of your thoughts and feelings at work. We have meditation in our dedicated zen den area daily.

We can’t expect work to be 1000% stress-free all the time, however, we can help to minimize the day-to-day stress by taking care of ourselves and seeing our mental and physical health as the greatest priority in our lives. Creating space for healthy habits, quality relationships, purpose-driven activities, and even just quiet time for contemplation can make a world of difference. We all deserve to live happy, healthy lives and it’s never too late to start making simple changes that will allow you to swap some of that stress for a nice dose of inner peace.

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