Vancouver's entrepreneurial community comes to our hub for personal and professional growth. We infuse the workplace with holistic and integrative wellness by providing members with a host of services and resources to ensure they are living their best lives all day, every day.


Hot Desk

Designed for the casual independent worker.

Access 7:30 AM to 6 PM.

Options starting at 5 days per month.

All of the regular perks included.

Station Desk 

This desk is your assigned space for you to set up all your work materials.

Desk chair, and lockable cabinet.

24 / 7 access.

Mailing address.



Herman Miller Aeron desk chairs, desks and drawers included.

24 / 7 access.

Secured private space.

Mailing address and delivery storage.

Eunice Quan

Designer & Co-founder of Priory Clothing

I like the Werklab community for the community and support I have found during my few years working out of the space. Werklab has provided me with the opportunities to grow personally and professionally. 

Membership Benefits 

One of the many offerings is daily classes in Werklab’s studio, all included in the monthly Membership fees. From meditation to journaling to pilates, there’s an internal betterment method for everyone. Why do we do it? Because by slowing down, and taking care of ourselves, we get there faster.


Take a break during your workday and move your body. Join in throughout the week at Werklab to take care of your body and mind. Whether its a hot and shaky workout , or a flow yoga class, giving yourself space to breathe helps you to do your best work, day in and day out. 

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Lunch Delivery

Need a quick bite? We have lunch arranged and available from local Vancouver restaurant Field + Social. Customize your meals, no delivery fees, order on the morning of, have it at your desk by lunch time.


Werk is stressful. Take time to connect with others in a guided or silent meditation. Offered throughout the week, meditation allows you to disengage from the stress and to find a new perspective on your werk. Inhale, exhale, repeat.

Find your fit

Much more than a co-working space, Werklab is a family. Through our application process, and getting toknow you, we do our best to ensure you feel supported as part of this community.

To note, for those new to Werklab: As a membership based community we do not take walk-ins and an application is required prior to a tour.