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The Ritual: Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon energy encourages us to transform, as she allows us to let go of old patterns and energies that no longer serve us, and make space for new vibrations that up-level us! Whenever we release something, it opens up the space to manifest something that is more in alignment with who we really are. The Full Moon represents the closing of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. This is a time of leaving what is safe and comfortable in order to grow more fully into yourself. This is also a very powerful time to gather with other like-minded people and share your experiences, a time where we can fully show up as we are, and for others to accept us as our full selves.

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The Pisces Full Moon is always a positive one that makes you feel that anything is possible! We are encouraged to dream big and fully expand our visions. In doing so we will be able to witness what energies are blocking our visions and holding us back. The energy of this full moon is giving us the motivation to go after these dreams. We are encouraged to take bold leaps of faith without knowing where we will land, and just trusting the process.

With every Full Moon, we are encouraged to let go of lower vibrations that are keeping us stuck. This month we will be encouraged to let go of the shadow sides of both Pisces and Virgo energies that show up within ourselves so we that we clear the path to take bold leaps of faith into our visions and dreams:We are going to be encouraged to let go of perfection and and how being overly concerned with details can block our path. When we align with this side, we become paralyzed in moving forward with our lives. The lower side of Virgo also forces us to feel incomplete or inadequate: it affects our very self-worth, causing us to hide our true talents and gifts for fear of rejection or ridicule. We each have a unique gift or offering for the world, and that gift, is already perfect.The Sun in Virgo is offering up some practical solutions to heal bad habits that we have been carrying for some time, and are now ready to release. As we shift away from these lower vibrations, we start to embrace the notion that we are already perfect.

Can you release your internal blocks which prevent you from fully embracing your visions, or are you going to continue to let them hold you back?We are going to start embracing our true power. In this frequency we will start to remember that we are the ultimate creators of our world and move away from feeling like passive participants in our own lives. We will tune back in to our own healing and notice where we can clear block to open the floodgates to manifest our true desires!All Full Moons offer the opportunity to let go – and here, the door is open!We will be laying down the groundwork to clear blocks showing up in our self-worth and the patterns that are keeping us stuck, create a clear vision of what we desire moving forward and how to become a magnet to make that happen!

☾ Full Moon Reiki healing attunement to clear energy, emotional blocks and patterns, and open you up to manifest your vision & dreams
☾ Learn how to step into your courage and release attachments to others
☾ Self-reflection module to do some deep clearing work
☾ NEW & powerful manifesting module to attract what you want and deserve
☾ Clear emotional blocks
☾ Raise your vibration and step into more abundance
☾ Relieve stress & anxiety
☾ Clear toxins & boost your immune system
☾ Share & connect with your beautiful community
☾ Empower yourself to take bold steps in your life!What to bring:
☾ Your favourite crystal if you have one
☾ Your bff
☾ Journal + pen
☾ Eye mask or layer if you love to cozy up during the Reiki healing experience
☾ If you have a sensitive back please feel free to bring a meditation cushion