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Self Care Not Sick Care w. Therapist and Author Ailey Jolie

We live in a culture obsessed with health and wellness but many of these framed “self-care” practices are only reinforcing “sick-care”. One in five women struggle with a form of disordered eating and approximately only one out of twenty women ever receive help. Our culture is disordered around food and body, it’s impossible for anyone man, woman or non-binary folk to be immune.

A lack of awareness around disordered eating in combination with diet cultures infiltration of the wellness sphere has created an epidemic of disordered eating masquerading as “self-care”.

Spend an evening exploring the most #hashtagable wellness trends from the lens of an eating disorder specialist. From colonics to ketogenics - no topic is too taboo. With self-compassion as an ally, together we will explore where self-care has become sick-care and how you can cultivate your own inner skeptic to settle into a self-care setup that is authentic to you and allows you to find the nourishment that allowsyou to fully flourish.

Topics to be reviewed:

What the Hell is Wellness

- Living in a Disordered Culture

- What Patriarchy Has To Do With It

- The Wellness “Criminals”

- A socially acceptable way to avoid eating? Intermittent Fasting

The Signals of Self-Care Being Sick-Care

Mic drop: Your Mindset Is More Important Than What You’re Eating

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