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An Evening for the Dry-Curious or Already Sober

An Evening for the Dry-Curious or Already Sober (a complimentary experience)

Are you dry-curious, terrified to go to AA or Already Sober? If you are looking for an anonymous, dynamic, contemporary community to step into for healing, if alcohol is taking up too much space in your life, you are looking for a place to talk about your drinking or your habit has become unmanageable, this is the place for you.  Join us! Be welcomed into a night where we can talk about what’s actually going on. We are co-creating an evening where we can learn from one another, open up and discuss the pervasive cultural norm of alcohol use and abuse and where we might honestly find ourselves along that spectrum. *This evening is meant to fit with ANY program you are already rockin' and that's right, it’s totally 'anonymous'. Additionally, this event is free and does not require registration.

“When I finally admitted I had a problem, I had trouble finding contemporary community to step into for healing. This is that space.” - Zoë Pawlak

About Zoë Pawlak:

Zoë Pawlak has been sober now for over two years and (has so far) healed outside of AA. She is a big fan of Hip Sobriety. Zoë has since become passionate about the topic of sobriety and specifically how alcohol use, abuse and dependency are rapidly rising amongst women. She most recently spoke here on the subject here and her essay in Sbjct Journal can be found here.

Zoë will be accompanied by addictions specialist, Alissa Greer, and yoga teacher, Christie Baumgartner, to co-support our group.

** Please be reminded this event is FREE and does not require registration **

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