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Master Yourself w. The Bodhi Effect by Courtney Thomas

How can we expect to master other people if we haven’t mastered ourselves?

Over 90,000 hours in an average lifetime is spent at work and that number is expanding every year due to the demands and complexities that are increasing. Always being on, multi-tasking, comparing ourselves, never turning off our devices to reconnect is diminishing our productivity, dampening our creativity and leading us to live an unhappy life. Join Courtney Thomas of The Bodhi Effect, along with your community as we collectively come together to uncover the root causes of your stress, anxiety or burnout so you can live your life with vitality and purpose.

This workshop is perfect for the human who is searching for growth, who is ready to ignite their inner drive, and master their strengths & emotions.

Be ready to improve your well-being, increase your performance, tap into your creativity, all while living a healthy joyful life.

Please bring a pen, as writing materials will be provided, wear comfortable clothes and bring something comfy to sit on if needed (yoga mats are provided).

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