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Immersion: A Connection to Self

This immersion will take you through a physical, emotional, and energetic dive into deep connection with self. From that authentic place of connection, we will begin to experience and explore the wisdom and power of our wombs.

Our bodies are full of wisdom and are in constant communication with us. Can we hear it? Do we listen? Can we integrate and step out in action from this place?

We will take you on a journey from shaking off your day with a physical movement practice, through self-care and connection with ancient Chinese healing tools, to deep relational embodiment from modern-day somatic therapy techniques.

Move your energy, shed the layers of protection, doubt, and neglect and tune in and care for the inner knowing of your womb. Tap into the infinite power of your source and take home tools to access it in any given moment.

Please dress comfortably and warmly in clothes that you're able to move in, and sit on yoga mats for. You are also welcome to bring a soft blanket, thick socks, or slippers to be as comfortable as you wish. Additionally, bring along a pen and journal for our writing exercises.

You will be led and held through this sacred feminine journey by:

Katie McKenzie - Creator of The Block, Master Trainer at Lagree West
Vivien Hsiung - Founder of Vive Wellness. Registered Acupuncturist
Anniken Chadwick - Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist & Integrative Body Psychotherapy Associate Practitioner

Tickets will sell quickly with limited seats. Reserve yours here.