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A New Moon Circle: with Alexandra D'amour founder of On Our Moon

Join ON OUR MOON’s Alexandra D’amour for a night of guided meditation, journaling and powerful intention setting. We will use the rebirth energy of the new moon and the dreamy, intuitive Pisces spirit to dream big and become crystal clear on what we’re ready to ask for. 

What are you too afraid to ask for? How can you fiercely embrace your intuition to release any self-sabotaging behaviors? How can you step into yourself with more self-love and self-compassion? How can you set aside self-doubt to step into your purpose wholeheartedly?

These are some of the questions we will ask ourselves during this new moon. We will focus on healing and forgiving ourselves in order to elevate our consciousness and step into our purpose. In this safe circle, we will pause and reflect on what’s working (and what’s not), share our stories and create powerful intentions around honoring our big dreams without apology. 

What you’ll get out of it:

-guided meditation 

-reconnection with your intuition and dreams

-find more clarity about your creative and spiritual pursuits

-learn to embrace your story and experiences

-opportunity to share and connect deeply with like-minded souls

-powerful intention setting 

What to bring:

-a journal and pen 

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