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Mindful Munching w. Therapist + Author Ailey Jolie

Our cultural climate is consumed with the word wellness, this means it is not hard to hear varying opinions and information on how one should or should not eat to be “well”. In the sphere of living well the word, Intuitive Eating is common to come across. Maybe this term has peaked your interest but you haven’t been able to fully comprehend what it truly means. 

This is because Intuitive Eating goes against the mentality set forward by the soup of diet culture we live in. Intuitive Eating is hard to understand because it can’t be known through the mind but instead needs to experienced through the body. This is because Intuitive Eating is the practice of listening and taking action with food and body that is in alignment with internal wisdom. The term includes living, not just eating, in harmony and connection with our body not solely our mind and is rooted in neuroscience and somatic psychology.

If you have struggled with food and body it can be hard to discern what voices being to us and what voices are coming from society. For this reason, the practice of slowing down, getting curious, being mindful are powerful practices when applied to munching. 

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