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Every(body) is Beautiful Exclusive Screening and Guided Workshop with Monica Elena

Join Monica Elena, holistic nutritionist and owner of @HolisticHeels, for an exclusive screening of The Illusionists, a documentary exposing how media saturates our lives with images of unattainable beauty and “perfection”, fueling insecurity and constant self-criticism. Post screening, there will be a guided workshop where you will learn the tools to stop the comparison game, find acceptance within yourself, and radiate beauty internally and externally.

All attendees will receive a $60 gift bag containing a Five Minute Journal and other goodies to honour your body.

Exclusive screening of The Illusionists. Watch the trailer:

Featuring: @FiveMinuteJournal, @Vitruvi, @WoashWellness

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About Monica Elena: I'm a former international fashion model turned holistic nutritional practitioner and owner of Holistic Heels. I strongly believe that health is much more than the absence of disease; true health exists when nutrition is combined with authentic self-love. I had been modeling for over eight years and the passion and excitement I once had for my career was dwindling, as was my self-esteem. I was so fixated on my external body that I wasn’t giving my internal workings any love or attention. I delved into an eye-opening journey in holistic nutrition where I gained an invaluable understanding of what true health actually looked and felt like. The nutritional knowledge allowed for physical healing, but better yet, the authentic self-love allowed for a complete shift in mindset. I began listening to my body and making food decisions based on vitality and nourishment rather than body image alone. During this tremendous period of self-realization and a regain of passion and purpose, I absolutely knew that I needed to share my knowledge with others -- particularly after having met numerous individuals who had similar yet undeniably taboo struggles with food and body image but were lacking the continuous guidance to help overcome these blocks in life. It was then that Holistic Heels came to fruition.

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