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The Trauma of Money: Breaking up with money narratives that are holding you back in business and in life.

Why do we incur in the same patterns? Why do we overspend? Why do we under charge? Why do we feel nervous about quoting our rates? Why do we accumulate debt? Why are we unable to save?  Why do we spend money we don’t have?

In this comprehensive session, Mindful Money expert, Chantel Chapman and Psychotherapist Hiroko Demichelis will come together, combining their perspective on financial distress, psychological trauma, and how to dissolve money blocks inhibiting your prosperity.

 Trauma contributes writing scripts, embedded into our nervous system, that leads us to different painful money narratives and disruptive behaviors. Without healing our relationship with the past, understanding the consumerism landscape that also influences us and changing the unhelpful scripts, financial strategies will only help superficially.

We will cover the following topics:

·       Recognizing the different types of energetic blocks that we experience with our money

·       How the brain works with trauma

·       Money narratives, self-exploration

·       Tools for healing and stepping into your deserving power 

·       Cashflow Hacks

·       Meditation

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