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Infused Rituals: a Cannabis & Self Care Workshop (19+)

Infused Rituals: a Cannabis & Self Care Workshop (19+ Only)

Join us for an evening of exploration into cannabis fundamentals and how to build rituals that support your holistic wellbeing. We'll guide you through an interactive demonstration to make your own infused products at home. Elevate your approach to self care and expand your knowledge. Refreshments, worksheets, recipes and samples included.

Part One: Intro into Concious Cannabis Consumption, Led By: Emma Andrews, RHN & Cannabis Educator:

  • Conscious Cannabis Consumption: Consider your Mood & the Moment

  • Consumption: Inhale, Ingest, Apply (and most health conscious methods of consumption within each category)

  • THC vs CBD, Sativa/Indica/Hybrid

  • Rituals: Holistic wellbeing = supporting your mental & physical self. Get grounded, or elevate your energy. Tune in: how do you want to feel?

  • A take-home worksheet to encourage building micro moments through-out the day.

Part Two: DIY Infused Product Education, Led By: S. Siobhan McCarthy, Product Specialist & Cannabis Educator:

Learn how to make your own infused multi-purpose coconut oil with organic plant medicines and essences to soothe the skin, or to integrate as an edible with craft formulator and maker S. Siobhan McCarthy, who formally worked and formulated products at Cannalife Botanicals, Lush, and The Body Shop. In the second part of this hands-on, DIY workshop, you will learn the basics of topicals and how to:

  1. Work with various plant medicines and essences to create a synergistic formulation

  2. Infuse your own product into a multipurpose coconut oil

Must be 19+ with valid Government ID present to attend.

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