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The Ritual: Full Moon Spring Equinox

Not only do we have the Full moon but also the Spring Equinox. Both events happening on March 20th. The energy is SO powerful at this time and we are going to work with this incredible energy to foster a major up-leveling in our lives. 

Spring equinox is an incredible time that marks the beginning of new light and life. This is the BEST time to focus on new projects, plant new seeds, clear things that no longer serve you (energetically, emotionally & physically) and find the right balance in your life. This is a very important time to get crystal clear on your upcoming goals, projects and what you are calling into your life. 

We are going to leverage all of the power and meaning of both the spring equinox and the full moon and experience some major clarity, clearing & intention setting together.

This is a time to really celebrate the LIGHT and let it pour right in and we are going to make sure to do exactly that! 

What you’ll get out of it 

☾ Reiki healing to clear OLD energy and UPLEVEL yourself to new beginnings 

☾ Powerful manifesting module to plant new seeds!

☾ Clear emotional blocks

☾ Raise your vibration to manifest more powerfully! 

☾ Relieve stress & anxiety 

☾ Clear toxins & boost your immune system 

☾ Up your manifesting game! 

☾ Self reflection questions to do some deep work

☾ Time to share & connect with your beautiful community 

What to bring 

- your favourite crystal 

- journal + pen 

- layer, blanket or eye mask if you love cozying up during the reiki experience 

The Full Moon is a special time to honour a ritual. Join Giulia of Brazen Soul Rebelion every month as she guides us to release and welcome according to what astrological energy is in the universe. We are creating a beautiful space to clear, heal, manifest and dance. This is a powerful opportunity to come together as a community and build a ceremony around expansion and togetherness.

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