Werklab is a modern-day work club. This members only space is a collective of freelancers, businesses and entrepreneurs making their way to the top of their industries. We aim to create a space that fosters inter-disciplinary collaboration while providing resources to support those who are up to big things. Our layered approach to getting work done involves community building, mental clarity and a holistic approach to life. 




The daughter of an avid entrepreneur and visionary artist, Christina grew up witnessing the struggles and triumphs of growing a successful business from the ground up - literally, her father started his business in the basement of their family home. Her ambitious upbringing imbued Christina with a strong intrinsic value for creativity and the desire to use hers to create something unique of her own someday. Enter Werklab. With six years of Human Resources + organizational coaching experience within the startup industry, Christina sought to create a space that supported the core of the work experience: people. Werklab is a space where business meets art, where vision meets reality, and where the experience of her past meets the innovation of her present.