Connor Burns

Gratitude as a Practice

Connor Burns
Gratitude as a Practice

Gratitude is an appreciation for what we already have. The magic of gratitude comes through the fact that it is not only a way of being, but a practice. A few minutes each day to bask in the blessings we already have creates a habit of positivity and happiness. Even Harvard is giving high praise to the use of a consistent practice of Gratitude.

What comes to mind when you think of the word gratitude? 

Does the smiling face of a family member come to mind?

Perhaps a vivid memory of a place?

How does it feel to remember this moment in great detail? Not to force any emotions but to simply remember the subtle joy in whatever memories come to mind.

Where in the body do you remember this joy living?

As we inhale into that emotion, gently allow it to grow in size and focus. As we exhale, breath Thanks for this moment, or person, having happened.

The benefits of gratitude effect our work life and our overall health/ happiness. Here are ways we can start to incorporate gratitude into our everyday lives.


1. Journaling

 Keeping a daily journal is a perfect way to reflect on everything that happened throughout our day, week, month. Allowing ourselves the time to write freely can calm the subconscious mind, leading to better sleep and happier states of gratitude.



2. Meditation on gratitude

 If meditation is already a part of your daily routine - perfect! If not, taking a few easy breaths and allowing yourself to think of a person, place or memory that brings you joy. Someone you’re thankful for, Just picture their smiling face wishing you happiness and peace. A meditation on gratitude will leave us feeling happier and more relaxed.



3. Share your gratitude

If you feel comfortable, Share your gratitude with the individuals who are coming to mind. Share with them how much they mean to you and the positive energy they bring to your life. They will appreciate it beyond words and this shared moment of joy will uplift you both.

Our gratitude doesn’t have to be complicated - be grateful for each breath, be grateful for the ability to see, smell, touch, hear. Be grateful for the ability to walk, eat three nourishing meals a day, a safe place to sleep. When we begin our practice of gratitude we begin to see the small miracles that bless our lives in each moment.