Christina Disler

Lagree West is Coming For You

Christina Disler
Lagree West is Coming For You

This entrepreneur is taking the Vancouver fitness scene by storm

When you walk into Lagree West, you walk into a community. The minimal aesthetic combined with the energizing instructors and strong attendees set the bar high for endurance. Lagree is no joke: at first glance, you may think the slow moves are more yogic than anything else, but those small moves tap into the smaller parts of your muscle groups leading to an amazing workout that you will still feel days later.

Lagree West is spearheaded by Werklab woman, Barbie Bent who promotes community in all facets of what she does. Barbie hosts community classes at lagree for small businesses in the city, organizes community classes within Vancouver for the Lagree West staff, is an Ambassador for Kit and Ace and manages to still be part of all that we do here at Werklab. This week, we had the opportunity to sit down with her to talk Lagree, community and what’s coming up in May. Meet the werker, Barbie Bent.

W: What type of athlete would benefit from Lagree?

B: In terms of Lagree and athletics- it is truly an amazing compliment for almost all other types of training. Specifically- any repetitive training such as running and cycling will benefit from Lagree because Lagree strengthens your smaller stabilising muscles and your entire body- The repetitive nature of running leads to stronger quads and low back-   Lagree helps to re-balance the body and prevent injuries.


W: Does Lagree have any requirements before starting?

B: A strong core is the foundation of pretty much every activity but all are welcome no matter their level of fitness.

Werklab: What do you love most about Lagree West?

Barbie: The thing I appreciate the most about Lagree is the opportunity to strengthen mental toughness.   Throughout the class you have the chance to push through a series of uncomfortable moves- in the last 10 seconds I always want to give up, but then you push through and just when you think you can't hold on for another second- the move changes.  I think this is a great practice for everyday life.


W: When do you like to workout?

B:I like working out the best early in the morning. I'm energised and it starts my day off right. The same theory that making your bed starts your day with accomplishing a task- that then trickles through the rest of your day- starting my day of with a Lagree class- lets you push through discomfort to get to the good stuff.  I like to carry that feeling with me for the rest of the day.

This May, Lagree West is hosting a Mega May Challenge with great prizes. Sign up here.