Meet the Werker: Matt Corker

Do Good Work

As an author, an athlete and the co-founder of a human capital consulting firm, Matt takes on many roles in his community and no surprise here: he finds time to enjoy every aspect. His primary job is one that enables him to work with his sister as a Co-owner of the Corker Co. – a people business, and recently they completed their hosting and planning duties at Disrupt HR Vancouver where tickets not only sold out but doubled in sales (yes, he is that good). When Matt is not working on people solutions, developing internal talent and focusing on the long-term goals of businesses by getting the people side of the business in order, Matt spends his time working with yoga students as an instructor at Semperviva, Equinox and the Distrikt.

After being on the move for so long, Matt recently became a Werklab member to settle into a Stationed Desk to do good work. We have been fortunate enough to welcome him as our in-house Werk Yoga instructor and once a month, he guides our members through a killer flow class.  Matt is positive, energetic and always up for something new – indeed, he is up to big things. We had the chance to sit down with him to talk about his business, his purpose, his sources of inspiration and how he works best. Meet the Werker: Matt Corker.

WL: What is your purpose?

MC:I often think about my purpose as utilizing my strengths to be of greatest service to others in that moment. Sometimes my purpose is helping others not take themselves so seriously. Sometimes it’s breaking down privilege and social inequalities. Sometimes it’s doing the dishes. Whatever I can offer in that moment, to be of greatest service, that's my purpose.


WL: How do you balance your career?

MC: I work long hours during the week, I work on the weekends, and I do some of my best work while traveling on planes. So by others' standards, I don't. Yet when my fiance comes home, I close my laptop and make sure he knows he's the most important person in the room. When I book in my workouts for the week, I schedule my meetings and everything else around them. I love what I do - I could do it all day - and I know that making time for me and my loved ones is way more important.


WL: How are you challenging the status quo?

MC: Two ways:

1) Helping leaders invest in their people managers: A great manager can change someone's life - and we're passionate about helping team leaders be those types of managers. We created the Manager Start Line to do just that.

2) I say what I mean, and I mean what I say: The status quo is filled with fluffy commitments and declarations: "We should grab a coffee and catch up soon," "Ya, I'll look into that," "That person is a total jerk." I choose to speak with as much intention and commitment as I live my life.


WL: What are your favourite things to do outside of the 9-5?

MC: Honestly - sit on my couch with my man after a long day, catch up over dinner, and then watch a movie together. I say together lightly because he often is asleep before the title credits have finished. I also love to teach yoga, go on random adventures with my friends, and hit up my favourite workout classes at TurF, Movement108, and the Distrikt.

WL: How do you stay motivated at work?

MC: We set goals and hold each other accountable to those goals. We have yearly goals that inspire me; we break them down into quarterly goals that I am motivated to attain; and then every week each team member submits a "top three" - a list of the top three things they are going to do this week to move the business forward. On Fridays we send an update to say whether we did those things or not. Goals are great, and it’s the team accountability that really makes a difference.


WL: Where do you work best?

MC: In Bali. At my kitchen table. In airport terminals.


WL: What gives you energy?

MC: My sister's cooking. Being on stage. A great yoga class. Facilitating a leadership offsite for a client. Impromptu dance parties.


WL: What has been the highlight of 2017 for you?

MC: Leading an off-site with a client down in Arizona. I'd never been there before, and the people I got to work with were such committed leaders, so it was an absolute blast! I also led a packed yoga class at Equinox for their Vernal Equinox party - and people showed up an hour early to reserve their spot. That Tuesday night community is really special to me.


WL: What does nobody ask you that you wish they would?

MC: As a people consultant, most people ask me for advice in regards to their business strategy and leadership - yet I wish more people would ask me "how can I use my business or platform to be of greater service to the world?"

Need some people solutions? Check out the Corker Co.