Christina Disler

In Conversation with Clara Roberts-Oss

Christina Disler
In Conversation with Clara Roberts-Oss

This Yogi is stretching her purpose a long way

For Clara Roberts-Oss, yoga isn’t just a stretching practice – it’s a complete lifestyle. For her at least, it has become not only her favourite pastime but her career and a means to finding peace. Put simply, it is her constant companion. Yoga is her opportunity to create the time to be with her body and listen to its needs through daily practice. We had the opportunity to sit down with her to talk about yoga, purpose and dancing. Here is our full conversation:


Werklab: What is your favourite part about yoga

Clara Roberts-Oss: My favourite part of yoga is how I feel while I am doing it. When I’m practicing the physical asanas, my body feels like it’s singing. When I’m chanting, I feel so much space open up in my mind and body.

WL: How do you stay grounded yet remain vulnerable to your practice?

CR-O: Through the safe space that the practice creates in my body and mind, vulnerability inevitable occurs.

WL: How do you define success?

CR-O: I don’t really ever think about success. I am more interested in the experience at hand and what it is like. The outcome is not my point of focus.

WL: What is one thing no one asks you about your practice that you wish they would?

CR-O:I wish people asked me more about why I put particular poses together. In reality, put so much thought into my seqences.

WL: What is your purpose in life and how does yoga bring you closer to it?

CR-O: My purpose is to create community, to bring people together even in a group that they may not have chose but find benefit from the variety of people within that group. Teaching public classes, retreats and teacher trainings are great places to connect, move and process with strangers.

WL: What puts you in flow – where life just feels effotless?

CR-O: Dancing!

WL: What keeps you from entering into your effortless state?

CR-O: distractions. They tend to get the better of me.

WL: WHat is your mantra

CR-O: Process, not resutls.

WL: Is there anything you would like readers to know about you, your practice or your philosophies?

CR-O: Trust your gut and trust the process.