One Year Down

And One Year Later

After one full year in business, we’re on to the next.

One year after opening, we have already experienced our own evolution. Originally, we started off as an industrial co-work boutique – an Eastside industrialized complex on the outside and a contemporary, clean boutique on the inside.

At first, that worked for us. Having both industrial and boutique vibes suited our purpose: to appeal to many groups both small and large, start up or established, Eastside raised or Westside living – who are looking for a space to hunker down and get to work.

Soon enough, however, we realised that it was the smaller and more intimate moments throughout the day that mattered most to us and not the overall impression of the building. What we realized was this: a mindful space to do good work, to be around passionate people, to foster one’s own sense of community and to feel at home during the day – no matter if you work with a team or not – was the important stuff.

We knew we needed a space that could accommodate not only businesses, but also freelancers, remote workers and people who are looking for a quiet corner to get some much needed work done and are up to big things.

Setting up the space according to tasks and implementing more holistic practices throughout the day including yoga, werk breaks, lunch and learns, law talks and beauty series are the type of thing that matter to us. Work is important, yes. But, it’s not everything. The things that contribute to your overall health, to your passion and to your motivation is the sweet stuff.

So, for year two, we want to do more of the sweet stuff. We are first and foremost a mindful space to do good work. But with that good work comes so much more – mainly fun.