Small Goals, Big Results

A case for smaller goals

We are officially past the mid-way point into January and we thought it was about time to ask the inevitable: how are your New Year’s resolutions going? The first two weeks can really set the tone for the rest of your year – the pace you keep, your positivity, your ability to change up your routine – yet it can simultaneously be the time that you avoid too much exertion at all as you come down from the high that is the holidays.

As you jump back into your routine post-holidays, it can be difficult to first come to the realization of what it is exactly that you need to accomplish, where to put your efforts and how to stay on track through actionable tasks (especially when work is suddenly way busier than you remember). But we don’t often talk about the other side to goalkeeping – being kind to yourself.

Big goals (the lofty kinds) are so important yet it is the smaller, more day-to-day tasks that are able to dictate where your efforts are needed and help to establish the areas that require more focus.

So this week, we are working on the smaller things: eating right, exercising and being mindful what we put into the world – both our vibes, the resources we use and the materials we own.