Think Local, Gift Local

Think Local, Gift Local

Give the Gift of Local Bliss

When the holidays start to slowly enter your mind, what comes first? Is it the decorations? The treats? The family time? Or, the gifts? The gifting part will most likely fill your mind as inevitably, there are way more people to gift for than you originally planned on. Most holidays, you probably tell yourself to take it easy and either gift small or do an exchange of sorts to avoid the over-complication and over-spending that comes along with gifting. But, as happens every year, you end up spending more than you planned, needing more than you thought previously and gifting more than you should. So while we respect your wishes to reduce your gifting, we will help you take small steps and instead help you to simplify.

We’ve found that shopping local is the quickest way to the hearts of your friends, especially with companies that contribute to a greater good. Stick to the basics: things that feel good on your skin, things that feel good for your soul and things that help you to take a load off and just feel good in general. We've collected a short list of some of our favourite Werklab gifts for you to enjoy below:

The Mikir shirt by Priory

Possibly the comfiest tunic we’ve ever worn (no joke) and bonus: it’s chic af. Not only does Priory design and conduct business in East Van, but all of their production is done in the same building that houses their office – talk about conveniently ethical.

A Dreamcatcher by Feathered Eye

Total creative guru, Tiffany De La Llave Collins wears a few hats: creative director, photographer and maker. Her dream catchers are able to grab a hold of her creativity while instilling good vibes to all those she creates for – fulfilling a greater purpose. And it’s true blue local: all materials are bought at Granville Market.

A gift card to Luppolo

Who doesn’t want to cheers post-holidays? Give the gift of local craft beer that only provides in-house making community their top priority (other than great beer).

Lost Boy Greeting Cards

Cheeky love is timeless and so are these cards. Give the gift that keeps giving by wrapping up cards that can be spent on the people your giftee loves most.

What will you be gifting this holiday season?