A Friday to Remember

Be Mindful, Be Present

Adding another day to your weekend feels pretty great. So when we get a day off to celebrate Remembrance Day with our friends and family, we can sometimes forget the weight of the event because our short week celebration over-shadows the true meaning of the day. While there are definitely people who make the time to take part in memorial celebrations every year, others skip it altogether. Every year, I commemorate the day with my family by going to a public ceremony together. This year however, feels a little different. I can’t help but think that sometimes, life moves pretty fast and actually taking part in Remembrance Day events can be an effort that falls short.

Whether you are going to a public ceremony or not, actively taking part through a moment of silence or of gratitude is a valuable way to show your respect. Head into the weekend (and specifically into Friday) with the intention to stay present, to take a moment away from the hustle of life and to surrender your thoughts to the act of remembering – whether that be at a ceremony, at home or somewhere in between.

This Friday and every other Friday, be mindful of your time (it is precious!) and the thoughts that you fill it with. Spend your day with value. Take the time to feel gratitude for our wonderful country and to take a moment – or rather two minutes – to remember those who sacrificed for it.

Have a wonderful Friday and Remembrance Day celebration – we'll be here when you get back.