Back to School Vibes Forever



Although the jitters of going to our first day of school are long gone – as full-blown working professionals, summer-vacation is the worse kind of oxymoron – we still yearn for the rituals involved in getting back to something we’ve taken time off doing. Summer lovin’ had us a blast but it’s time to get back to the grind. After three months of social exertion (who can say no to another squad hang-out at the beach?) it’s time to get back into the swing of things – start up projects that have been on the back-burner, finally get to all of those extra open tabs, carve some time out for yourself and re-establish your colder weather rituals. Channel your inner-kid to get those back-to-school (work) vibes going – just remember, this shopping trip isn’t on mom.

Vitruvi Skincare Kit

This kit will give you a youthful complexion to make even grade school kids jealous. It comes with essential oils and all of the necessities to feel rejuvenated so you may want to get a couple. 

Midori brass pencil holder

Every professional needs a nice writing tool and this is the one you will want to get your hands on. Find it at Litchfield and pencil your people in.

Andrea Wong Pioneer backpack in toffee

Gone are the days of your trusty JanSport holding the goods. Now you’re finding your place in the professional world and this bag will pack all of the essentials to get you there.

Appointed Notebook

Your thoughts are important – make sure you are writing them down. Invest in your mental health and start drawing, brainstorming, making notes and reflecting on your observations. Start by writing about the things you think about – you’ll be a journaling pro in no time.

 Christina, Sam and Arielle get back to the grind – this time, in style.

Christina, Sam and Arielle get back to the grind – this time, in style.