Christina Disler

Plan your Day Before You Leave the House

Christina Disler
Plan your Day Before You Leave the House

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If you have ever tried to plan your full day before it begins, you probably know it can be a serious struggle – especially if you’re not used to doing it. Finding the time and a method that works for you is not always easy. However, creating an organized day in which you are able to put your attention into things that matter to you can be seriously rewarding especially if done correctly. So, how do you get started? Enter life strategist, Marc Tabet who plans out his days every. Single. Day. As an engineer turned life strategist, he founded MarkTheWay to combine his passion of human potential with engineering intellect to help clients clarify their desires, create plans and follow through on their goals. He finds a way to make the most of his clients time by planning days around the things that matter most to them. Marc focuses on ensuring that their days are devoted (through specific and intentional time management) to the important areas in his clients lives so they can spend their energy on the things that matter most and it all starts with intention setting. According to Marc, “you need to know what you want to achieve during the day and how you want to make that happen. Be rigorous with this and come up with a technique of your own to facilitate your manner of approaching your intentions. This way, you are taking control over your destiny to ensure that no matter what outside factors may affect you, you have already planned out your reactions around your daily goals.” Here are a few easy steps to help guide you to a path of planning productivity:


1. Give yourself time and space

Make sure to carve out up to half an hour to take a seat, get rid of your distractions (read: phone) and clear your mind. During this period, set your intentions: what will you do today? What can you do during the day to get you closer to reaching your objectives?

2. Be aware of where your body is at

Are you well rested? Feeling good both mentally and physically can seriously effect your day. If you’re feeling tired, you may find that you are harder on yourself. Make sure you are aware of where you’re at so you can evaluate your day accordingly. If you’re off, you may be looking for an excuse. If the latter is the case, it’s best to avoid things that may irritate you. Be mindful of this and amend your intention for the day to improve your state of mind.

3. Identify your duties

What are your intentions for the day? Do you have any events and commitments coming up? There is no way around these so make sure you have carved out an appropriate amount of time to feel comfortable in your preparation for them.

4. Visualize

Take a seat (make it comfortable), close your eyes, relax for a bit and ask yourself, given the circumstances of the day, what realistically (considering your commitments) would make it one that you are satisfied with and one that you’re at ease with it?

5. Define your results

This is where you have to get a bit more specific. Set yourself up so that no matter what happens in the day, you will be happy with what you have achieved. It is important that you are aware of what kind of result you need to see at the end of the day to consider it a good one. Remind yourself why these results are important and identify the task that will contribute to you achieving your ideal results.

The days you feel you have achieved something are much more rewarding. The best part is that it’s up to you to define what you want to achieve. What is it that will make you happy?

6. Plan for little pleasures.

Don’t let your day to pass without planning for a little break and creating small rewards. Define what makes you happy throughout the day – It can be as simple as having a coffee while listening to your favourite music next to a window – and give yourself the time to do just that so you don’t get burned out. By implementing these small moments, you elevate your own day through giving yourself the space to reflect on what  you need.

7. Plan for what is important to you and what serves your well-being

Plan for half an hour of exercise, fresh air, socializing – something that you do for enjoyment. This can be an important part of fulfilling your intentions and enjoying life along the way. This step is especially imperative if you are not feeling 100% at your best.

Start your planning today or contact Marc if you need a helping hand.