Mindfulness & Movement STUDIO class SCHEDULE

Complimentary for Werklab members and $15 drop in for none members
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Every Tuesday 1:30 PM (50 MIN): Natalie Kunz - Pilates
The Embody incorporates Pilates, dance, and yoga with an emphasis on strengthening your core and stabilizing muscles. This class allows your body to move to its fullest potential while protecting your spine and joints. A little burn, a little flow, and a little stretch will have your entire body activated and moving seamlessly from one exercise to the next.

Every Wednesday 12PM (50 MIN): Chantal Russell - Yoga Flow
Being WELL is a way of life, rooted in simple choices we make every day. Learn yoga + lifestyle practices for Wild Embodied Liberated Living (WELL) and transform everyday routines into sacred rituals to free tension from your body and soul, awaken your innate vitality, and experience deeper well being.  Nourish and Restore with a yoga flow practice by Chantal Russell. All levels welcome.

Every Thursday 11:30 AM (50 MIN): Katie Mackenzie - Pilates
Beginning and ending with breath, this 50 minute power Pilates Class is all about alignment, connection and strength of total body and mind. Complimentary for Werklab members / $15 dollar drop in for none members.

Almost Every Day at 3 PM: Dance For One Song Only
Our daily one song practice of moving our bodies in the studio is still going strong. We’ll put it out to slack every day, it tends to be at around ~3 PM.