Renting at Werklab
home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

workshops + activations. create in our home.


We’re here to support our greater community in elevating those in their lives and networks.

Any workshop, class or activation you’re wishing to create at Werklab requires all necessary information to be included in your request. Please outline set up and take down time.

Additional Relevant Information: type of activity, number of expected participants, if food is to be involved, if rentals of chairs is requested etc.

Our studio is $120 per hour.

Our studio + zen area is $165 per hour.

(note that the photo is utilizing both yoga + zen side)

Werklab members receive a significant discount on all rentals. Apply today.

photoshoots. enjoy the beauty.


We recognize the beauty that lays within our four walls. And we’re open to sharing it with you.

Photoshoot requests for our studio space are open during work hours or after hours.

Our studio is $120 per hour.

Any other common space that you’re interested in requesting will take extra consideration. A quote is provided for any space outside of our Studio.

Werklab members receive a significant discount on all rentals. Apply today.

boardroom + meetings. elevate your work session.


With two boardrooms, and two meeting rooms, we have ample opportunity for you to elevate your meeting experience with hosting it at Werklab. All spaces are a minimum booking of 2 hours during work hours, or 3 hours after hours.

Boardroom | seats 10 | $45 hourly, $60 after-hours | TV + Whiteboard

Meeting Room | seats 6 | $30 hourly, $40 after-hours | Whiteboard

Werklab members have access to these spaces with their membership. Apply today.

If you have a space rental request, the form above is mandatory to officially process your request.


For any additional questions or concerns, please contact our email