Events & Activations AT WERKLAB


JULY THEME: Light + Fullness

Do you feel it? That vibration that’s shifting between our feet?
That’s us coming out of the growth of spring, and into the light of summer.


Werklab Takeover @ Ride Cycle Club

All Fridays in July at 12PM


All Fridays in July at 12PM
Our community will go from werk to a 45-minute werk-out mode. Join us for a complimentary class at Ride Cycle Club, and leave feeling inspired, challenged and energized to take on the rest of the day. RIDE classes combine an intense cardiovascular sweat, micro bike movements and full body toning reinforced by the authority of music. There are showers and Aesop products to follow, just bring your top / bottom / socks, everything else is provided. We can coordinate a few cars from Werklab. Up to 20 spots available for Werklab members each Friday.

Where: Ride Cycle Club Yaletown 
How to sign up: Please sign-up at our sign-up sheet at our community board or at the reception


Werklab Social

Thursday July 24th at 4PM


Werklab June Social
An event that you don’t want to miss. Connect with your fellow werkers, while enjoying some light snacks and drinks on the house.
How to sign up: Sign-up at the sign-up sheet at our community board.


Lunch from Field & Social

Every Tuesday (new) + Wednesday


EVERY WEEK:  Lunch from Field & Social 
Delicious lunch from Field & Social is delivered at no extra cost directly to Werklab. Their menu includes salads, bowls, soups and juices.

How to sign up: Simply create a personal account through this link and preorder your lunch until 10AM on Wednesday. No Promo code is needed. You will be automatically notified once the food has arrived on our kitchen counter.'


Simple Self Defense 101

Wednesday, July 3rd at 1 PM - 2 PM


Simple Self Defense 101 with Flo

What: Learn simple escapes from common grabs and binds with your work lab friends! We will cover simple and realistic self-defence techniques from standing You will have lots of time to practice these techniques and guaranteed to have a few laughs! Open to everyone.

How to sign up: Please sign-up at our sign-up sheet at our community board 


Mercury in Retrograde with astrologer Andrea Javour

When: Tuesday June 11th at 12 PM - 1 PM

Mercury in Retrograde with Astrologer Andrea Javour

What: This July brings with it some intense Astrological Weather: Two Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. What does it mean!? In this Lunch & Learn, astrologer Andrea Javor will discuss the symbolism of the eclipses and retrograde cycle, with an emphasis on how we can empower ourselves during this potentially difficult time. You will learn what the eclipses and Mercury retrograde mean for you personally, according to your astrological sign, and will gain some tools for transmuting potential trials into triumphs

How to sign up: Please sign-up at our sign-up sheet at our community board.



Light Therapy Pop Up with Sky Studio Lucia

When: Monday July 14th at 10 AM - 2 PM

Light Therapy Pop Up with Sky Studio Lucia

Give that mid-week slump a turbo boost with pure white light. Try free 10 min Light Meditation Demo  with the Lucia N°03 at Werklab. The Lucia N°03 was invented by two doctors in Austria. It stimulates your pineal gland to produce serotonin and melatonin naturally, at optimal levels. It helps one achieve a deeper meditation, faster and boasts a wide range of health benefits.  Speed healing, achieve greater wellbeing, more positive bought patterns, gain energy, inspiration, focus and creativity. We can’t wait to blow your mind and show you the Light.

How to sign up: Please sign-up at our sign-up sheet at our community board.

Aromatherapy Workshop with Rain or Shine Therapy

When: Wednesday July 31st, 12 PM - 1 PM

Through this workshop, you'll be guided through meditation and self-hypnosis process to unlock what positive triggers you need found deep in your subconscious. From there, we can discover what your very own essential oil blend is to reactivate those positive triggers and parts of the brain. Discover your own personal blend of Essential Oils and how to trigger positive brain & mental health through the process of guided meditation & induction. 

How to sign up: Please sign-up at our sign-up sheet at our community board.


Mindfulness & Movement STUDIO class SCHEDULE

Complimentary for Werklab members and $15 drop in for none members
Use this link to add our class schedule to your personal calendar.

Every Tuesday 1 PM (50 MIN): Natalie Kunz - Pilates
The Embody incorporates Pilates, dance, and yoga with an emphasis on strengthening your core and stabilizing muscles. This class allows your body to move to its fullest potential while protecting your spine and joints. A little burn, a little flow, and a little stretch will have your entire body activated and moving seamlessly from one exercise to the next.

Every Wednesday 12PM (50 MIN): Chantal Russell - Yoga Flow
Being WELL is a way of life, rooted in simple choices we make every day. Learn yoga + lifestyle practices for Wild Embodied Liberated Living (WELL) and transform everyday routines into sacred rituals to free tension from your body and soul, awaken your innate vitality, and experience deeper well being.  Nourish and Restore with a yoga flow practice by Chantal Russell. All levels welcome.

Every Thursday 11:30 AM (50 MIN): Katie Mackenzie - Pilates
Beginning and ending with breath, this 50 minute power Pilates Class is all about alignment, connection and strength of total body and mind. Complimentary for Werklab members / $15 dollar drop in for none members.

Every Day at 3 PM: Dance For One Song Only
Our daily one song practice of moving our bodies in the studio is still going strong. We’ll put it out to slack every day, it tends to be at around ~3 PM.