Events & Activations AT WERKLAB


JANUARY events

The theme for this month is about nourish and restore. As we peacefully say goodbye to what 2018 was and hold onto the memories it wove into our lives, we step forward into a year of meaningful flow. Flow doesn't mean it'll be an easy 365 days, we know there will continued times of trial and testing of our resiliency ahead. However after the cracking-open-lessons of 2018 and acknowledging how the pendulum swings, we can feel it in our bones that the energy of this upcoming year will bring light, fullness and expansiveness.


Werklab Social: Meet all the members.

Restore and Nourish
Thursday, January 17th, 4.00pm-5.00pm


When: Thursday, January 17th, 4.00pm-5.00pm
What: An opportunity to get back together and do all the catch ups after we all went our separate holiday ways. “Hey boy, nice tan - where’d you go for some R+R?” “Hey pal, I see your gym regime went out the window for the shortbread season! I got some tips” “Hi friend, I read 5 fantasy books this Christmas, want my list?” We will provide some snacks, as always, you bring your favourite drinks.


L&L Redefining Beauty: How Gut Health Impacts Beauty Inside and Out

Wednesday, January 16th, 12.00-12.45pm


L&L Redefining Beauty: How Gut Health Impacts Beauty Inside and Out
When: Wednesday, January 16th, 12.00-12.45pm
What: Learn about what gut health is and why it is important for overall true beauty. We will examine the link between gut health and mental health and learn everyday food/lifestyle habits to make you feel beautiful inside and out.
Who: Our member Monica is a former international fashion model turned holistic nutritionist and owner of Holistic Heels. Ora Organic will contribute a special something to this L&L, too.
How to join: Sign up at the kitchen counter on the second floor.


L&L Introduction to Cannabis with Tokyo Smoke and free lunch

Thursday, January 24rd, 12.00-12.45pm


L&L Introduction to Cannabis with Tokyo Smoke and free lunch

When: Thursday, January 24rd, 12.00-12.45pm
What: Curious about cannabis? With hundreds of cannabis varietals available and multiple methods of consumption, we know getting into cannabis can be confusing. Join Tokyo Smoke for an education session that will empower you with the knowledge of cannabis origins, an introduction to cannabinoids (THC & CDB), what to look for when choosing different varietals and everything you need to know for safe and responsible consumption. All guests will be treated to lunch and refreshments.  
How to join: Sign up at the kitchen counter on the second floor.

Mindfulness & Movement STUDIO class SCHEDULE

All members have unlimited access to the Mindfulness Studio class schedule.
Use this link to add our class schedule to your personal calendar.

Kundalini (every Tuesday)
Starting: Tuesday, January 8th 7.00-8.00am
Complimentary for Werklab members and $15 drop in for none members
Experience a Kundalini transformation with Marika. All levels welcome.

The Well Yoga (every Wednesday)
Starting: Wednesday, Jan 9th 12.00-1.00pm
Complimentary for Werklab members $15 dollar drop in for none members
Nourish and Restore with a yoga flow practice by Chantal Russell. All levels welcome.

Pilates (every Thursday)
Starting: Thursday, January 10th 1.00pm -2.00pm
Complimentary for Weklab members / $15 dollar drop in for none members




Instructors: Ailey Jolie & Connor Burns
Description: This all levels meditation practice is an opportunity to give our bodies a break, give our mind some space and give our hearts some much-needed attention. Through this practice we develop a greater sense of focus, patience, relaxation and care.

PILATES (50 mins)
Instructor: Katie McKenzie
Beginning and ending with breath, this 50 minute power Pilates Class is all about alignment, connection and strength of total body and mind.

THE RELEASE (30 mins)
Instructor: Katie McKenzie
Take a deep breath, and reset. This class is the softer side of breath and movement. In 30 minutes you will be challenged to let go and connect to your breath, your body, and your soul. 

FLOW STATE (60 mins)
Instructor: Hayley Dobson
In flow state we seek to acknowledge and release blockages in the body in order to allow a clear channel for creativity and vitality to flow. Through meditation, breathwork, and playful asana we will work through opening the hips, the heart, and the spine - acknowledging and releasing what is no longer needed. Post-flow we will take time to free-flow journal, creating space for creative release, followed by savasana for integration.  

THE MOVER (45 mins)
: Jeremy Vaughan
Description:  A true focus on mobility, stability, core function, and foundational movement patterns that most have lost due to their work/life environments. We will create mindful movement throughout the body to establish good movement patterns and alignment.

WELL YOGA (60 mins)
: Chantal Russell
Description: Being WELL is a way of life, rooted in simple choices we make every day. Learn yoga + lifestyle practices for Wild Embodied Liberated Living (WELL) and transform everyday routines into sacred rituals to free tension from your body and soul, awaken your innate vitality, and experience deeper well being.