Events & Activations AT WERKLAB



The theme for this month is about filling up your well. Although a dark time of year with the natural intention to retreat, we have maximum output expectations through the holidays. Be reminded you are no good to anyone (including yourself) if you’re running on empty. Check in with what nourishes you, what brings you back to life, what refuels your body, mind and spirit.


Werklab Holiday Hangs

December 12th on the second floor


When: Wed, December 12th at 12 PM until 1.30PM
What:  Mulled wine, good times, and be merry. Stay tuned for more info to come and for now - save the date


Mindful Holiday Market

Dec 9th at Werklab


When: Sun, December 9, 11 AM – 4 PM
What: We’ve partnered with India Rose Cosmeticary to bring you an all-star elevated roster of local small businesses. With vendors consisting of Colette/Clarite Wellness (the psychic facialist with an 800 person waitlist), Orazio’s Olive Oil, Flax linens, Sean Partlow potted plants and Leah Alexandra Jewellery to name a few. Our holiday newsletter will go into more detail.


Lunch and Learn Hormone Health

Dec 4th


When: Tue, December 4, 12pm – 1pm
What: Learn tips and tools on how to get a better sense of what is ailing you, and the first steps to understanding how hormones are affecting you in your day-to-day life. Join Naturopathic Doctor, Jordana Aziz to learn more about how hormone health impacts our bodies more than you may realize or know.


A Free Lunch from Fitness Foods

Dec 13th in our Boardroom on the second floor


When: Thursday Dec 13th, 12pm - 1pm
What: This L&L will provide you with a free lunch from Fitness Foods, an organic gluten and (refined) sugar free meal delivery service offering paleo, gluten friendly and custom meals. This will be an educational experience focused on healthy eating.


Werklab x lululemon Discount Day

Dec 11, 9:30 AM – 9PM Oakridge lululemon location


Werklab x lululemon Discount Day 

When: Tues, December 11, 9:30 AM – 9 PM
What: As a Werklab member, you’ll be able to receive 25% off all store merchandise on December 11th during opening hours at the Oakridge lululemon location. We’ll be sending out more information shortly including an eventbrite link to register.




Mindfulness & Movement STUDIO class SCHEDULE

Instructors: Ailey Jolie & Connor Burns
Description: This all levels meditation practice is an opportunity to give our bodies a break, give our mind some space and give our hearts some much-needed attention. Through this practice we develop a greater sense of focus, patience, relaxation and care.

PILATES (50 mins)
Instructor: Katie McKenzie
Beginning and ending with breath, this 50 minute power Pilates Class is all about alignment, connection and strength of total body and mind.

THE RELEASE (30 mins)
Instructor: Katie McKenzie
Take a deep breath, and reset. This class is the softer side of breath and movement. In 30 minutes you will be challenged to let go and connect to your breath, your body, and your soul. 

FLOW STATE (60 mins)
Instructor: Hayley Dobson
In flow state we seek to acknowledge and release blockages in the body in order to allow a clear channel for creativity and vitality to flow. Through meditation, breathwork, and playful asana we will work through opening the hips, the heart, and the spine - acknowledging and releasing what is no longer needed. Post-flow we will take time to free-flow journal, creating space for creative release, followed by savasana for integration.  

THE MOVER (45 mins)
: Jeremy Vaughan
Description:  A true focus on mobility, stability, core function, and foundational movement patterns that most have lost due to their work/life environments. We will create mindful movement throughout the body to establish good movement patterns and alignment.

WELL YOGA (60 mins)
: Chantal Russell
Description: Being WELL is a way of life, rooted in simple choices we make every day. Learn yoga + lifestyle practices for Wild Embodied Liberated Living (WELL) and transform everyday routines into sacred rituals to free tension from your body and soul, awaken your innate vitality, and experience deeper well being.