Supporting our community
to do the work within.

Welcome to Werklab, A holistic wellness
and coworking community.


The Werklab ethos.

We stand behind our belief that when you slow down and do the work within, the right work you're meant to be doing is put out, and is inevitably the work that the world needs from you.


We exist to support
the individual in the
pursuit of this path.

Werklab is home to a community of those who are choosing to do life differently, by doing life on their terms. It’s a collective consisting of freelancers, entrepreneurs and creatives.


A focus on holistic
and integrative wellness.

Much more than a co-working space, Werklab is a hub for personal and professional development. With a focus on holistic and integrative wellness, Werklab provides members with a host of services and resources to ensure they are living their best lives all day, every day.

One of the many offerings is daily classes in Werklab’s Venice beach vibe studio, all included in the monthly membership fees. From meditation to kundalini to pilates, there’s an internal betterment method for everyone. Why do we do it? Because by slowing down, and taking care of ourselves, we get there faster.

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The Werklab Founder
Christina Disler

With six years of Human Resources experience under her belt and an uncanny ability to forge connections, Christina Disler is the definition of a people person. This love of people and a value for entrepreneurship is what drove Christina to open Werklab in 2016. Since launching Werklab, Christina has ridden the highs and lows of being a business owner. Some notable highs include being selected as a 2018 30 Under 30 entrepreneur by BC Business and becoming an ambassador for Cadillac Canada and lululemon.

In recent years, Christina has seen the benefits of integrating spirituality, physical activity and mindfulness into her daily practice. The goal behind Werklab 2.0 is to infuse these practices into members’ workdays. Christina is excited to offer members a spaceto grow mentally, physically and professionally. When Christina isn’t making magic happen at Werklab you can find her with herearbuds in listening to a podcast, practicing early morning kundalini in our studio or hanging out with her pleasantly plump cat, Nora.





Much more than a co-working space, Werklab is a family. Through our application process, and getting toknow you, we do our best to ensure we are all stepping into this space with curiosity, openness and support.


Just to note to those new to Werklab - as a membership based community we do not take walk-ins and an application is required prior to a tour.